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The layout is finished! I hope Shea likes it. I hope you all like it. :D

And, Shea-chan.. *ahem* I.. accidentally deleted the profile information when I was adding the graphics. ;_________; I'm really sorry. I tried to fix it by typing all that I could remember.. I'm sorry.. >___<;; And I added "icons" to our interests. ^^;;; Feel more than free to change anything!

I also made some icons. :D

Miku, vocalist for An Cafe.. An Cafe is an indie band from Japan that I adore. They're extremely adorable and their sound is fresh and unique. XD;;

Teruki, drummer in An Cafe.. Teruki isn't as popular as some of the other members of An Cafe, but I like him and I like this picture. :3

Culkin as Michael Alig in Party Monster.. ^^

Miscellaneous Stuff!

Text on that last icon is from a poem that Shea-chan wrote for me when I was feeling sad and homesick for Japan. I love that poem so much.. *__* The silhoettes of the temples are actually two little figurines sitting on my speaker in my room. XD The picture of the person is from.. er.. Google. ^^ Don't sue me.

If you decide to use any of these, please credit me and leave a comment here or at my personal journal.. Thanks!
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